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J ust 68 years after its establishment, Israel today is a thriving modern economy with the strongest military in the region. A key component of our success has been the quality of our leaders, who have led by example, united the country, and placed the national interest ahead of personal gain. In recent years, those in power have lost sight of this, compromising our shared values and sacrificing the national good for political survival. This has created a fissure between the people and their government, with extremely worrying consequences.

The Israeli public is thirsty for a new leadership, bold, responsible and honest, that will guard the rule of law and maintain the values that the State of Israel was established upon. Israel deserves a leadership that will put the public interest first, and not allow extremists and special interests to hijack the state for their own ends. Israel deserves a leadership that will unite its people, not divide them, and will bring different groups in society together towards a shared goal. Israel deserves a leadership that will act responsibly internationally, building trusting relationships with countries across the world, chiefly our greatest friend, the United States of America, and with the Jewish people in the diaspora.

My life has been devoted to protecting Israel’s security and defending the values that bind us together. For the past five decades, as a soldier, commander and in recent years, as Minister of Defense, I have put the interests of the State of Israel and its citizens first, and have labored to secure their wellbeing and safety. I resigned as Minister of Defense and set out to compete for the national leadership because I no longer felt our government was working towards this purpose. I will not be part of a government that does not share my values.

Friends who strive for the same goal have come together to establish Manhigut Acheret, the Association for Alternative Leadership, as a vehicle for us to articulate our view of how the State of Israel can overcome the challenges it faces; in the political, security, economic and social realms. Together, we are promoting a responsible, moral leadership that will protect our nation’s security while meticulously guarding our shared values and the rule of the law. We are active in the educational and societal levels across the country, and in particular with our youth, working tirelessly to share our message with as many audiences as possible.

Israeli society is dear to my heart. The State of Israel is dear to my heart. The current situation worries me profoundly, and I cannot stand by and watch our society and shared values fall apart. Just as I have fought for Israel's security, I am now embarking on a new fight, equally important, for the very fabric of our society. As those who hold Israel close to their hearts, I invite you to join me in this journey to change the leadership in Israel and to be full partners in our battle to ensure our future and the future of our children.

About Manhigut Acheret

M anhigut Acheret (The Association for Alternative Leadership) was established in June 2016 by a group of respected figures from a range of fields, who believe in the need to promote a new wave of responsible and ethical leadership for the State of Israel. The association works towards two core goals:

  • To establish a conceptual framework and network of ideas that will influence the way in which Israel addresses the security, economic and social challenges it faces.
  • To promote responsible, ethical leadership that will both protect Israel’s security and defend its values as a Jewish and democratic state, based on the rule of law, integrity, equality of rights and respect for human dignity.

Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon currently serves as the president of the association. In this role, he is involved in a range of advocacy and educational activities throughout the country and across the world to advance the association’s goals.

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